Execution of the tender without involving your own capital?

Yes, it is absolutely possible now!

Impex Rental – you start earning money from the first day of the contract.


Flexibility and new opportunities instead of ownership

We will facilitate the execution of the tender - without the necessity of making new investments and with full control over your costs.


Why is it worth using the Impex Rental offer?

  • Competitive advantage MORE

    Competitive advantage

    Given an uncertain situation after the end of the tender, companies often take into consideration the return of all the investments during the term of the contract, which makes their offer expensive. If you use our rental option, your offer will be significantly cheaper.
  • New business opportunities MORE

    New business opportunities

    There is no longer need for you to possess thousands of containers and lots of garbage trucks just to be able to submit your tender bid. You will receive our certificate which will be a guarantee that if you win the tender, we will provide you with all the necessary resources to execute it.
  • Many contracts at the same time MORE

    Many contracts at the same time

    It is difficult to think about next contracts when your resources are fully used up. Impex Rental will give you an opportunity to participate in tenders which you have not even considered before due to the lack of your own resources.
  • Volle Kontrolle über die Kosten MORE

    Volle Kontrolle über die Kosten

    Dank fester monatlicher Gebühren können Sie immer Ihr Budget für die nächsten Monate vorab planen, ohne sich Sorgen machen zu müssen, dass Sie etwas überraschen wird.
  • Dauerhafte Ausschreibungsbereitschaft MORE

    Dauerhafte Ausschreibungsbereitschaft

    Wir sind immer bereit, Ihnen bei der Teilnahme sowohl an kurzfristigen, als auch langfristigen, oder sogar an sehr kurzfristigen Ausschreibungen zu helfen, indem wir die entsprechenden Ressourcen bereitstellen. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach und wir kümmern uns um den Rest.
  • Stabilität und ein dauerhaftes Sicherheitsgefühl MORE

    Stabilität und ein dauerhaftes Sicherheitsgefühl

    Nach dem Ende der Ausschreibung müssen Sie sich keine Gedanken mehr darüber machen, was Sie mit Containern oder Geräten tun sollen, die Sie möglicherweise nicht mehr benötigen. Dank Impex Rental haben Sie von Anfang bis Ende die Kontrolle über die Situation.
  • No purchase, maintenance, storage and disposal costs MORE

    No purchase, maintenance, storage and disposal costs

    Being in the possession of your own resources involves a lot of different costs which need to taken into consideration. Purchase, logistics, maintenance, servicing, storage and even sale or disposal requires a lot of financial efforts on your part and it is also time-consuming. Once you decide to use our rental offer, you will be free of all these worries.
  • Make a profit from the very first day of the contract MORE

    Make a profit from the very first day of the contract

    Up to now, the execution of a tender has involved the necessity of incurring significant financial efforts at the very start. Now, thanks to the solutions implemented all over the world, instead of waiting for an uncertain return on your investments, you can start earning money from the very first day of the contract.
  • Funds for new investments MORE

    Funds for new investments

    The purchase of a new garbage truck or containers typically requires a lot of capital and it comes as a burden to your company’s financial liquidity. With our rental offer it is different - you pay only for their actual use during the term of the contract. In addition, you do not freeze your capital so you will be able to allocate it for other purposes.
  • No risk of losing financial liquidity MORE

    No risk of losing financial liquidity

    Many a time have we witnessed the situations in which particular companies incurred the costs of big investments in handling short-term tenders which they were never able to win again. In consequence, they found themselves in financial dire straits.
  • No risk of incurring financial losses MORE

    No risk of incurring financial losses

    We are fully aware of how challenging it is to plan an exact number of containers and garbage trucks to handle a given tender. Incorrect information on the part of the local government, no knowledge about the area and plenty of other factors make a correct estimation truly difficult. With us, this problem can become a thing of the past. Both containers and garbage trucks can be returned to us should they turn out to be unnecessary.
  • No risk of capital value loss MORE

    No risk of capital value loss

    The decision to use our rental offer means that the risk of the residual value of, both, the vehicle and containers is always on us so you do not incur any losses due to that.


Every month over 150 thousand rented containers have been in use with the aim of easing the execution of our customers’ contracts.

Our company was the first to have introduced the service of container lease in Poland. Thanks to such a solution, our customers have been able to execute a lot tenders.

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Over 70 of our leased garbage trucks are in operation and their number is constantly growing.

We have the largest fleet of municipal services vehicles in Poland available on flexible lease terms.

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