The fastest and the most advantageous way to selling your garbage truck

When you decide to sell or replace your garbage truck, you no longer need to look for a buyer for your current vehicle. It is us who will estimate your garbage truck’s value and offer you the most beneficial repurchase or settlement option.


Sell us your garbage truck
in 3 simple steps

(or give it as a trade-in)

Contact with us 1 Get offer 2 Make a decision 3
How does the process look like? 1. We visit your company 6. We arrange the collection 4. We prepare all the necessary documentation 5. We make the payment 3. We inform you about our purchase decision on the same day proces 2. We make a free valuation of your vehicle

Why is it worth contacting us?

  • No time-consuming search for a buyer
  • Quick and non-binding valuationn
  • Attractive repurchase terms
  • All the necessary formalities
  • Payment made on the same day
  • Collection of the vehicle from the indicated place
  • Transaction security
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • Possibility of a long-term cooperation
  • Openness to purchase a lot of vehicles