Cooperation which will change the way your business operates.

It is hight time you looked at the possession of containers in a completely new and revolutionary way.

Container repurchase- on mutually beneficial terms, quickly and with your involvement reduced to the minimum.

Odkup używanych pojemników na odpady komunalne | Skup kubłów

Discover our service and its uniqueness

Apart from a regular repurchase of containers directly in the municipal service department, we, as the only company in the whole Poland, can also offer the possibility of repurchase or replacement of containers located within a given commune or city/town. No need for costly transport and storage and all that at any time in the duration the tender.


Why is it worth cooperating with us?

  • We are the biggest company in Europe which purchases used containers.

  • We received the title of the Company of the Year 2019,

    which confirms our fulfilment of the market’s highest standards. Thanks to this fact, you can be sure that you are entering into a transaction with a safe, fair and professional partner.

  • Our repurchase service includes comprehensive actions

    from stacking and separating containers at your company (including a detailed report on the number and condition of containers) to the organization of loading and transport.

  • 100 percent of our customers recommend the cooperation with us!

    We can guarantee you full security of transactions and instantaneous settlement.


Sell or replace your containers in one of three options

  • 01

    Repurchase of the containers which have already been delivered and now they are stored in your company

  • 02

    Repurchase of your containers set up within a commune or city/town after the lost tender

  • 03

    Repurchase of your containers set up within a commune or city/town during the tender and switching to their rental

When is it worthwhile?

  • Do you have containers in the colours you do not need any more?
  • Would you like to replace your containers for a different colour or type instead of buying new batches?
  • Do you want your containers to keep their value?
  • Do you want to free your capital frozen in containers and use it for different purposes?
  • Do you no longer want to wait for another opportunity to reuse your containers which may not happen under the current political and legal circumstances?
  • Have you enough of looking at your deteriorating containers?
  • Do you no longer want to allocate more space for costly storage?

Why is it worthwhile?

  • You will avoid logistics costs related to the necessity of bringing containers.
  • You will avoid commotion and i trudności związanych z odbiorem pojemników.
  • You will not have to store thousands of containers on your premises or look for an external yard.
  • You will not be affected by the problem of washing and stacking containers.
  • You will not have to incur high storage costs.
  • You will get funds for new investments.
  • You will get a higher repurchase price.

* it is also possible to replace the containers located on residents’ premises with new ones, stacked and washed, which we will deliver to your yard.

Why is it worthwhile?

  • You will avoid logistics costs related to bringing containers after the tender is over.
  • You will no longer have to worry about what to do with the containers which you may not need any more.
  • You will not have to worry about uncertainty after the lost tender.
  • You will avoid capital losses.
  • You will get a higher repurchase price than in the case of a standard sale.
  • You will get funds for new investments.
  • You will get stability and a lasting sense of security.
  • You will gain event up to 50% discount on rental for the duration of the tender.
  • You will get up to 50% discount on your rental until the end of the tender period.

With us you can get new opportunities. From today, it is you who decides.

Which option do you choose?