Our proposal for
our waste disposal.

We strongly believe that we can contribute to building a world with a smaller amount of waste only by introducing responsible solutions and effective use of resources.

As a company operating in the municipal services management sector, we take particular responsibility for protecting the environment and we feel strongly obliged to take any necessary action aimed at minimizing a negative effect on it.

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    For many years, we have been the advocates of the second life for products

    and we have also been promoting the idea of cooperation based on the sharing economy.

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    We believe that the efficient use of resources not only contributes to the protection of our environment,

    but also translates into lower costs as well as a higher profitability of the organization.

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    There is no time left for a futile discussion on the climate change, there is only time to take action.

    Climate changes are one of the most pressing global challenges of our time.

We fully believe that together we have strength to improve the state of our environment and that our work is important and making responsible choices is essential.


We believe in partnership instead of competition.

Cooperation is the key to success in every area of our life. Therefore we always listen to and talk with our customers in order to be able to jointly solve their problems.


We believe in following three fundamental rules:


Honesty, transparency and sincere communication... because, in our opinion, a valuable and long-term business can be built only on the foundation of trust.


We believe in giving a second chance.

Whether it concerns people or products. That is why our company offers its employees a space for development and gives a second life to products.


We believe in people driven by a passion.


There is no place for randomness in our team. All of our employees have both high competences and values that lie at the heart of our mission.


We believe that ecological solution can also be economical.

We fully agree that, in the world of business, the financial result is the most significant. Therefore, we have designed our solutions in such a way that, on the one hand, they factor in the care of the environment, but on the other hand, they also affect a higher profitability of our customers.


Small decisions. BIG changes.

We believe in the power of small decisions and that together we can achieve much more than any single person.

It is our everyday purchasing decisions that have an effect on the world we live in. The future of our natural environment depends heavily on our everyday decisions. Be the one who makes conscious and responsible choices. Be the one who changes the world.

Responsibility lies in us. Together we can more. Together we have the strength.