Learn about the certification process stages


Technical inspection

Before any garbage truck is approved by Impex, it first goes to our specialist diagnostic station where it undergoes a series of thorough technical inspections. They have been developed by our experts specializing in evaluation and repair of the vehicles used in the waste management sector.

Technical inspection includes:

  • Checking the hydraulic installation
  • Checking the correct operation of the loading mechanism of the carriage plate, the sweeping the plate pusher plate
  • Checking the electrical installation
  • Verification of the condition of metal sheet plating
  • Full computer diagnostics
  • Checking the chassis with the suspension system
  • Checking the braking, steering and cooling systems
  • Checking the electrical installation
  • Verification of the tyre condition
  • Checking the level of operating fluids
  • Lighting operation tests
  • Checking the technical and visual condition of the driver’s cab

When a vehicle passes the technical inspection, a written assessment is made, which constitutes a confirmation of the current vehicle condition.

Renovation process Each garbage truck marked with the Premium psymbol goes through all the stages of the complete vehicle renovation process: 2 Cleaning Sandblasting Welding Varnishing Watch the movie below and check how the renovation process in our service center looks like.

Confirmation and warranty

Your decision to buy a garbage truck with the Impex Approved certificate means the certainty and safety of your choice. The certificate is granted only to these garbage trucks which have successfully gone through an extremely strict inspection and meet all the applicable quality standards specified in the particular classifications.

Use our services and get a guarantee of the actual condition of the vehicle you are interested in.

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